How to make a Dodge Power Wagon

So from my last guide (How to make a missile launcher truck), I got a request of some sort from @WolfTechnology, and I might as well make it since it goes with the military theme I have been making

Step 1.
get 3 shields, size them up, and arrange them like this (I know barriers would look better, but from my last guide, this is the emberwall military so ya)

Step 2.
we will be using more barriers, dye them any color you want but I will be using R109, G117, B0

Step 3.
Time for the back, we will be using metal poles and wooden fences and add a tiny bit of covering (I also made the front a tad bit bigger)

Step 4.
Get a translucent light blue barrier and metal pole, and arrange it like this

Step 5.
Add finishing touches like a logo, seat, fuel cap, etc

And your done, I hope you enjoy!


Great guide! It’s clever. I might try this!

You could add this to…

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Nice, and you can add what ever you wish to the back, some had AA-guns, medic tents, flat beds, and other stuff. But thanks for crediting me!

What vehicle should I make next?

  • M1A2 abram tank
  • M1097 Avenger
  • Growler
  • Other (if chosen, send what military vehicle will be made)
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You could use tinted barriers for the base of the tank.

You would have to use barriers, and poles to make the tank, really its teh neatest and easiest way.



i tried it too. i put a turret on the back
Screenshot 2024-01-12 5.12.19 PM

I got no joke for this one, so BUMP!