How to make a Lucky Block/ Loot Box! [ 2/10 or 🟩 ]

A lot of people have been posting lucky-block related questions so I have decided to make a duo (maybe trio) of posts about lucky blocks! This is the first one, How to make a lucky block!

How to build the Lucky Block

First copy and paste: :yellow_square: and resize it to about 2x the player or:
Now place another text box, and put a ? in it, and make it in the Galindo font. Layer it above the yellow square, and put the question mark in it!
Now get a barrier, make it a circle, disable collision an outline, put it under the lucky block!
Now, lets add a sign saying that it is a block that is lucky! Place down a wooden pole and a sign, layer some text that says “Lucky block” Over it! and put it by the Lucky block!
Now, lets say this is a weapon loot box, or a lucky block. Put some item spawners showing what you can get around it, but place an invisible barrier, so that people can not just walk up and get what they want!
Thats it for building!
Ok now let us…

Make the Lucky block functional!

(If you only want some items to appear, do what I do but not with everything!)
Ok, this part is tedious! Like a real lucky block, you can get ANY item. So make a list of every item
Beach Fish
Berry Fish
Black Seed
Blue Fish
Blue Key
Blue Keycard
Blue Seed
Bronze Seed
Brown Seed
Cash Berry
Coffee Bean
Coral Seed
Cyan Seed
Dark Green Seed
Energy Bar
Evil Eye
Galaxy Fish
Gold Key
Gold Keycard
Gold Seed
Gray Fish
Green Fish
Green Key
Green Keycard
Green Pepper
Green Seed
Heavy Shards
Light Shards
Lottery Ticket
Magenta Seed
Med Pack
Medium Shards
Orange Seed
Pink Seed
Plastic Bottle
Purple Fish
Purple Key
Purple Keycard
Purple Seed
Quantum Portal
Red Fish
Red Pepper
Red Seed
Shield Can
Silver Seed
Snowball Launcher
Tan Seed
Teal Seed
White Seed
Wooden Wand
Yellow Seed
Ok, now link a button to a trigger. Make the trigger’s code:

But now, if the block code gets full, make another trigger, the 1st trigger should trigger when reciving on channel 1, and the other on channel 2, delete all wires, make another trigger, this is the one that will trigger when the button is pressed: Make it’s block code:

Now, make an item granters, for every item, they should all grant 1, and grant the item when receiving on the channel with the name of the item. EX:

And bam! A lucky block! You can make some cool Loot Boxes too! See you in the next guide!
Coral out! :coral:

If you did not understand here is a similar guide


Hooray! I also posted a similar guide here:

However, your guide is cool too! You might also want to credit @Here_to_help for this guide.

Sorry, this sort of the fishing system, since that feels like the OG RNG

What did @Here_to_help do?

Click the link on “this”.

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Oh, but, I don’t need to credit if I did not use that guide right, and I also made the Lucky block design myself

Sorry, I meant add it as a resource. As the two guides are very similar and basically use the same concept of getting a random item when a prop is destroyed, you might want to link @Here_to_help’s guide on yours so readers have another guide to look at if they didn’t quite get this one (not saying they will, your guided is great).

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Next I’ll make a guide on how to make an area you can expand like a one block island

Nice job! Why the :green_circle: ?

Whoops, I meant to do the square! And thanks!

It’s still a circle…

What do you mean?

Hey, since when were you a regular? I didn’t even notice!

Since… 6 days ago?

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nice guide! (i salvaged the referenced guide a while back to make the mystery box mechanics just a btw)


If you saw my guide, @Zypheir shortened it via concatenation. You could try this too! Also, the lucky box design is awesome!

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Okay, i gotta know, how long did it take you to put ALL objects in there?

Ummm, in the list or the game?

In the list, where you marked every object.