How to make a layered game! (Difficulty: 🟥)

I’m gonna do it too.


HOLD IT I read it again, and I think the barriers are just limits on the inside area. The zones are there just to activate and deactivate the front, back, and roof.

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Are we both doing it… or what?

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So, I tried to figure it out. You apparently have to go through the zone on the left first then pass through the zone on the top right. Is there something I’m missing because I don’t really get that?

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This is because you are supposed to go around and up, like spiral stairs.

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How would you guys feel about me making a simpler design.

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Please do. Nobody understood how to add this to their game because it was too hard.

So sorry, I’ll try to post it tomorrow

Here it is!

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Lets say your a lazy 13 year old, could it work to copy and paste?

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Copy and paste what?

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You would be able to copy and paste the system itself but you would have to correctly wire the zones and props.

Considering my lack of knowledge in this area, what does this do in short?

this seems really cool! bump!

This is a really good guide!

Thank you everyone!!!

So basically when you have a house and have a first and second floor, if you want to layer them right above each other, you make a staircase like this and when you get to the top of the staircase, you can see the second floor, but if you are on the staircase or not on it at all, you can only see the first floor.