How to make a laser maze the light up when you step in it

So in this guide I will be talking about how to do a laser maze, but as the players go through the maze they will start to see the path form. (don’t under stand what I’m talking about) well let me show you :slight_smile:

Things you will need

40 Barriers (that’s how many i used, you can use less but i recommend 40)
40 Zone (again that’s how many i used, you can use less but i would recommend for as many barriers you need depends how many zones, you need (also you will still need more any way)
1 Laser (optionally depending on how you set it up)
1 Trigger

How to actually kinda make the maze

so first you won’t want the Barriers to be active before you even start the game, so you will need to grab a ZONE, TRIGGER, and a BARRIER. you will need to go to the BARRIER and get to the channels, fine “Deactivate when reseaving on…” and put the word of your choosing (i chose start for mine), then you will go to the zone and go to “enters zone” (and enter the word you pick for the barrier) and then you will connect the zone to there TRIGGER, the connection is Enters zone-Trigger, and the the Trigger back to the zone Triggers–Deactivate zone
now place that where ever your going to have the players start. (ALSO IMPORTANT!!! put the TRIGGERS active scope to Player, NOT Global.
next what you want to do is at the Barriers, in whatever pattern you want and put some of the zone so that if they get off of the “Path” that they are creating then they respawn. (make sure on these zones that you make the channel When enters zone-(whatever word you want) connect it to a respawn- Respawn transmit on(what every word you chose for this one :arrow_up:

notice what the arrow is pointing to, there is a laser there so the players can’t cheet the system

Next because the other one was getting too long

You will need to make the amount of zones as you did barriers (so I did 40)

now for each of them you will have to connect them each to a different barrier and put it under the barrier so you don’t do the same one twice (the wire connection is enters zone-activate Barrier, this is a very tedious job but it should work in the long run and mine looks like this

and yeah that’s how you do it, if you have any questions please put it in the replays below. this was very fun and tedious but it should work. there is probably a better way to do this, ro like someone did this before but yeah.

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  • I think this guide was so, bad and I hate it so much! this guide should never have been made ever!! I am the lowest person you will ever see. YOU SHOULD JUST TAKE THIS DOWN!! (this is just a joke bty this is actually a great guide :slight_smile: )
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what about triggers instead of zones?

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love it

very creative!

maybe make the image smaller here if you don’t know how




(not advertising its the most recent image I have)


![wallpaper|690x388, 50%](upload://1DtY4fYXhOQHae0ZsqS90T6lsI9.jpeg)


yeah but what it you want them 2 b bigger?

let me explain both of your questions @DXCTYPE and @SirWyWy, first @SirWyWy I have not show that image yet becacuse as I speak I am putting them in there so when I am done I will put the image in there, and second @DXCTYPE you can make the barriers bigger, just make sure when you make them bigger you also make the zones that are connected to them as big as the barriers (hopes this help you :slight_smile: )

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