How to make a Huey Helicopter

Modeled after the Bell UH-1 Iroquois Huey helicopter used by the US military

As you are building, feel free to adjust your build so that it is more accurate, the above image is the ideal result
Colors Used:
Green (R=30,G=158,B=15)
Blue (R=0, G=255, B=238) Blue used for barrier (R=0, G=189, B=176)
Black (R=0, G=0, B=0)
Everything else that does not have specified color is default color

  1. Materials
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.23.55 PM
    Blue Barrier x1
    Blue metal sign x1
    green ceramic plate x1
    green metal signs x4
    green metal poles x4
    black metal poles x4
    Green ceramic plate x1
  2. Place ceramic plate
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.26.22 PM
  3. Add an metal arrow-sign, as shown in the picture
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.27.30 PM
  4. Add a rectangular metal sign
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.27.47 PM
  5. Add a metal pole
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.28.35 PM
  6. Add the Arrow-shaped Metal sign
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.29.24 PM
  7. Add the blue barrier
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.30.04 PM
  8. Add another green arrow-shaped metal sign
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.30.58 PM
  9. Add two more green metal poles
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.31.29 PM
  10. Add another sign, and a metal pole
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.32.47 PM
  11. Add the four black metal poles like so
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.35.15 PM
    Done! Put it off to the side for now.
  1. Materials

    Green Rectangular sign x2
    Green Arrow-shaped metal sign x3
    Green metal pole x4
    Size 61 Text containing :blue_square: emoji x2
  2. Place rectangular metal sign
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.35.57 PM
  3. Add the 2 :blue_square: emojis, to make windows
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.37.01 PM
  4. Add 2 metal poles
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.39.18 PM
  5. Add 2 more metal poles
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.40.08 PM
  6. Add a rectangular metal sign
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.40.48 PM
  7. Add two Arrow-shaped metal signs
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.42.04 PM
  8. Add another arrow-shaped metal signs
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.42.43 PM
  9. Attach the body onto the nose (feel free to adjust to make the pieces fit)
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.44.18 PM
  10. The body is now done. We are halfway done!
  1. Materials
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.24.49 PM
    Green Metal Poles x2
    Green Rectangular signs x3
  2. Place rectangular metal sign
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.44.51 PM
    3.Add another Rectangular metal sign
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.45.11 PM
  3. Add two metal poles
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.46.38 PM
  4. Add another Rectangular metal sign
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.47.48 PM
  5. Attach it to the body

    Now it is really coming along!
  1. Materials
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.22.59 PM
    Black Barriers x2
    Black Wooden poles x2
    Wooden Shield x1
    Black Medieval streetlight (unlit) x2
  2. To make rear propeller:
    a. Place wooden sign
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.49.19 PM
    b. Add two wooden poles, like so
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.49.47 PM
  3. To make front propeller:
    a. Place medieval streetlight
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.50.22 PM
    b. Place another medieval streetlight
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.50.40 PM
    c. Add barriers

    d. Add propellers onto the body and tail of the helicopter, like so

    Almost done!
Landing skis
  1. Materials
    Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.24.15 PM
    Metal poles x5
  2. Attach two metal poles to the body
  3. Add two metal poles
  4. Add metal pole

    Now the Helicopter is done! Add decals and stuff onto it if you want

This took me a while to make, so feel free to :heart: this guide if you enjoyed it!

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WOOOOW!!! Great guide! (How has nobody responded yt)


Another Helicopter maker! @Caternaught we have competition again!


Epic guide! Looks honestly really good. As a person who plays Microsoft Flight Simulator, I can tell you it looks very good! Would use in game if it was on the same topic as my game. But Looks real cool!


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  1. It looks really realistic. ↩︎

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it actually looks just like it. :0
if you found out a way to make it 3D, then it would be complete W!!!

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hey can he make a ch-47 or a plane B-52 or the A-10 thunderbolt

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