How to make a Greg | Credit goes to DRUMROLL PLEASE: @cheesebox, @C-C, @WolfTechnology

So then. What name should we give him? And about Wolf Technology in the Credits, is he supposed to be there or not? Im very confused as multiple people said that cheesebox gets the credit or all three shown above get credit.

Looks like a greg.

Creepy man = Greg


Definitely a greg!
Sure does look like a greg anyway

nice guide @thatOneCringe.

Great guide! but shouldn’t we make a wiki or smth that people can add all their gimkit people to? cuz these guides are scattered and everywhere.

Yes, that is the issue and this is the exact reason this guide exists.

Some people don’t add it though and choose to create a guide


It depends on the size of art. Some things, you can tell how to make by looking at them. Some, are more complicated.

yeah, some only have 1 picture and an explanation of the props used but even if it’s long you don’t need to make a guide for it, just add more explanations and pictures, Community Made Guides are mostly for GKC mechanics so it’s better to put them in the wiki.

wolf’s art could be made in a guide, just saying lololo.


Yeah, I guess. the Stuff like my drop ship art can be excluded, as it obviously is pretty complicated.

Agreed! Although I have nothing against art guides, they need to stay in one place, If someone actually has an amazing piece of art maybe they can make their very own post about it, but art guides are kinda simple and easy to make, so to make an entire guide just for one piece of art is (in my opinion) adding clutter to the forum.

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I have to agree with you on that point.

Yeah, we should name him Greg. But isn’t there a creepy man named greg already?

P.S. I was thinking of making a Kraken in gimkit using props.

Oh. I also made a post on that just now. I didn’t know there was another!

Ok I see now. Thanks for the help, @GimSolver!

But she deserved the credit, despite her not helping me . . .

This is getting off topic.

It’s not getting off-topic if no one replied in 12d.

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I’m just saying . . .
I’ll stop replying now.

Only a TL3 can make a wiki.

I thought they were making Greg from DOAWK