How to make a functioning door for people who do not know how to. DIFF 0.5/🟩

step 1

Make a wall any kind of wall

step 2

Add barriers

step 3

Make sure the doors that are flap opened are not activated on the start of the game

step 4

Add a zone ._.

And put the setting to this

Step 5

Make the barrier in the middle’s setting like this

step 6 :(

The barrier that is flaped to the side setting will be


Add your zone in the center

Don :slight_smile:

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why are there so many door guides
and yes the pictures show
but not in steps
maybe hit enter on the text

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How to make sliding doors (Difficulty::green_square:)
How to make doors that will open and shut (Difficulty: :green_square:)

I could only find two from the little “Link” area, but there are a ton of these. If you find something revolutionary, then this’ll get flagged as a duplicate.
Also the steps don’t hide, they say:

[details=“Step ?”] something


Like on the outside of the details, not the inside.

Ik but I’m trying to fix the step thing but idk now how to :frowning:

try hitting enter in front of the p

we’ve already talked about this, resources for the same things aren’t needed
you literally could just look up how to make doors or something

I was pointing out just how many door guides there were.

I just make it with a barrier and two zones, I like the way you built it though…

(side question should I make a guide on how to make a bathroom?

How to make a functioning door for people who do not know how to

Oh I though this guide was for people who did know how to lol :joy:

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NAAHHHHHHH, that’s outrageous

lol. “Do my eyes deceive me?! A nice guide for people who already know how to do it?! Don’t mind if I do!” But this is a nice guide.

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Yes bc i need one on my creative map :slight_smile:

Yes i need a bathroom for one of my map :slight_smile: