How To Make a Don't Look Down Game

I’ve seen so many people ask this since DLD was released so I decided to make a guide on how to make a fake Don’t Look Down while we wait for the update. It’s really rough because it uses walking physics instead of jumping physics, but it’s something.

Also this is my first guide

Start with a ground like this:

The teleporter on the left is in a group called “Left” and teleports to a group called “Right”. The teleporter on the right is the opposite. This way when the player reaches either side they just get teleported to the other side.

Now add another teleporter in the middle, and set it to "teleport here when receiving on channel “Return” ". This is where the players will respawn when they “fall”. Also add two zones on the sides, right past the teleporters, that "broadcast on channel “Return” ". These will respawn the player when they go in the zone.

Another way to do this is to put a spawn pad in the middle instead. Use default settings for the spawn pad. Then put two lasers on the outsides of the portals. Make them deal 10,000 damage, and change the settings to not show the endpoints or the path.

Now, I’ll show both ways to make platforms. I’ll start with zones. You can put platforms made out of any prop. Then place zones under it and directly past it. This way, if they walk off the platform, they will respawn at the middle teleporter. Also put zones above to make sure they don’t jump too high. It should look like this.

And the other way is with lasers. It looks like this.

You can add lots more platforms and use different props, etc, but this is the basic structure.

It’s not great but fortunately, DLD devices will be released in a future update, presumably sooner rather than later, so a real version will be possible in the future.

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I would recommend not making this unless you gave more details, as this feels more like a psa trying to stop DLD Help topics.


This is, well not needed? We do get this question a lot, but it is being worked on, so I don’t see the need for this because it will be temporary.

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Well I understand that but it seemed like a place for people to go to before they make a help topic. If you need me to delete it i can.

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You can’t once there’s replies. If you want to delete it, you will have to flag it for moderator attention, and say you want to delete it.

then i’ll erase it, whatever.

That is up to you, but you can just say, “Its not out yet” or “You can’t”.

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Why don’t you try to explain how to make Top Down Don’t Look Down, instead of making a psudeo-psa?


like dld in 2d mode?

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Yeah, walls, and layers, can make this possible, see, this is just with layers.


Ok i think i get it. how’d you do that so fast?

What do you mean?

did you just make that or did you already have it in a map?

I already did that, on my creative ideas map, its were i do everything. There is a guide on this, but i just used it as an example.


Alright the guide is fixed and now purposeful and functional.


Yo lets go

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Yh big W my first guide, how’d I do?



Good! Or great don’t want to copy @The_7th_Dragon.