How to make a Dig-It-Up style game! {WIP}

since the new Dynamic terrains and pickaxes have come to GKC,
some of y’all probably are wanting to make a map Like Dig It Up!

here’s how you can do it!
( this is still a work in progress (wip), I will add stuff later
I might ask to make it a wiki so others can work on it also. but idk)

The Terrain

you can make the terrain like DU (dig it up)
by adding layers of specific terrain, though it’s time consuming.
and elevating the whole terrain you can walk and spawn on.
(and there are no current ways to randomize the terrain like DU)

Like this:


like the houses in DU, you can make one just like it starting with this:

and taking two pointed wooden signs like this:

and using a table, and text to make a door like this:

and using barriers, and metal poles to make a window:

final product:

another house example:

The Mechanics and what you can do


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Maybe use this but with teleporters for random terrain? (not the most memory efficient but…)


Thanks! I might try that sooner or later.

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wip is no longer used

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the houses looks better than the map, but great guide none the less

Cool guide! Can’t wait to see the end product! What sucks is that the terrain limit is so small so you can’t use as much as there actually is in Dig It Up or other mining games.

thanks, although it’s just an exemplary map, for the guide.