How to make a diffuculty level selector! (Level:🟩 1/10) Model 1

The name should explain it all, but if not this is a guide to show you how to make different difficulties for your game/ game mode!


The Devices you will need for this tutorial

  1. Damage Booster/Speed Modifier (Or Both)

  2. Button

  3. A Wire

The Steps
Step 1

Place down your Damage booster

Step 2

Place down your button

Step 3

Wire the button to the Damage Booster/ Speed Modifier
With the settings button pressed ↠ Activate

Well, once you have done all of these steps you are completed

NOTE: This is just model 1, i am currently working on different models that are better/more simpler/etc.

Model two will have multiple different selections

What do rate the difficulty of my tutorial?

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  • 2/10
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Easy difficulty: Stronger damage
Medium difficulty: no effect
Hard difficulty: weaker damage