How to make a difficulty level selector! (Level:🟩 2/10) Model 2

This is the sequel to model 1, so if haven’t read/seen the first one you probably should.
How to make a diffuculty level selector! (Level::green_square: 1/10) Model 1


However many difficulty levels you have that’s how many of these you will need (for example if I have three difficulty levels I will have three buttons and three damage boosters.

  1. Damage Boosters / Speed Modifiers (Or Both)

  2. Buttons

  3. Multiple Wire

[details=“The Steps”]

Step 1

Clone the difficulty pickers into however many you want (I have 3)

Step 2

Add the wires back (same steps as the first model)

Step 3

Set the damage booster/ speed modifier to the desired strength/speed

Now you are finished, This newer model allows players to pick from different strengths/speed[/details]

NOTE: This is the second model, so you should probably see the first one

Model 3 will be pretty cool

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This doesn’t really explain how to make a selector… It more explains how to make the game easier…

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If you have multiple you can change the damage or speed to lower so its harder, that is the whole point of a difficulty selector, plus i am not finished this is just model 2.

You should’ve just made one guide… This creates WAY too much clutter…

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