How To Make A Death Message + Death Randomizer! 🟨

How about

___ didn’t bounce

___ forgot to breathe

___ left a small crater

___ forgot their happy thoughts

___ tried to fight gravity

___ got their tongue stuck in the outlet

___ met the monsters under the bed

___ couldn’t breathe water

___ ate too many tide pods

___ thought they were invincible

___ tried to swallow a sword


____ had a happily ever before their sadly ever after.

Oh, forgot to mention, my main source for the messages are from the Terraria Wiki. This isn’t advertising, just a source I used to get most of the names.

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Good job with choosing the messages, amazing death messages (but kinda dark as previously stated by someone else)!

How about this?

___ Got something by their parents for not doing their homework


I already made something like this:
The Cassian Guide to Making a Fancy Knockout Notification [Difficulty 4/5 or :red_square:]
and here’s another similar guide:
How to make a random text generator | Difficulty 3/10


_ was killed with kindness.
this is child approved :+1:

here’s a few death messages from an old game of mine:

  • ___ kicked the bucket
  • ___ didn’t want to live in this world anymore
  • ___ was too cool for school
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we should make a list of these (appropriate oc)

maybe let’s not do that
it’s not very gkc-related, as they could apply to any game
and we have this topic to use as a thread for them


honestly, not that hard, just VERY repetitive.

We should take off the regular messages in the :gear:

for more memory efficiency, use a KOM instead of a lifecycle.

True. Lifecycles are limited, KOMs even further, but for the task it is needed to do, the knockout manager is better with a specific task that you need with less memory.

Awesome guide, will use.

Could someone come up with death messages for platforming like “fell to their death”?
I’m out of ideas… (Yeah, me, GimSolver, has no ideas…)
Anyone who could would be appreciated greatly. :yellow_heart: I wonder who will help…

@Kat_aronii, check the padlet.

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You could say as a joke: (insert name here) blames internet lag for his fall. or (insert name) wasn’t looking where they were going. or (insert name) died from fall damage.

kinda toxic but: ______ is now named fall damage boy.

____ thought they could fly
____ is the new flat stanley
____ flew too close to the sun
____ is lucky they can respawn

__ fell down a set of stairs. Hopefully it wasn’t actually their 12-year-old younger brother that did it who will isolate himself from the rest of the world and dream about a better place for the next 4 years before fighting his alter-ego in a strange place and getting his eye taken out by his friend who loves gardening.

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