How to make a Capture the Flag game [ 🟧 ]

You can put characters in <> to turn them invisible and pass the character limit.

Oooh that works

Oh nice profile picture. And you play all of those(looking at your profile)

Nope just a cellist.

ok. I play violin

Annddddddd piano < fdfsdfsdfsdf>

Make sure there aren’t any spaces



Question how do you add an emoji to the title

I want to make a resources for capture the flag

Type : and a more button will pop up which will allow you to use emojis. Use the capture the flag tag if you want to search for capture the flag guides.

and thanks.

Prefer not to say.

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i also play piano

Lol what happened to no off topic posting

I “play” piano, although some might say I torture the piano.



It’s too tempting, I’ve been punished for it before lol

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also, people probably don’t appreciate you asking for their personal info