How to Make a Button Only Pressable for a Certain Amount of Times 🟦

Hello! In this guide, I will show you how to deactivate a button after it is pressed a certain amount of times.

First, place a button and a wire repeater. Wire it to the wire repeater (button pressed → repeat wire pulse.)

If you want the button to deactivate after just one press, then wire the wire repeater to the button (when the wire repeater receives a pulse → deactivate button.) Otherwise, move on to the next step.

Place a counter. Click on it to access its settings, then click on the “target” tab. Set it like this:
Once that’s done, you should see a setting called “Target Value” pop-up.
Set it to however many presses you want the button to be able to get before deactivating.

For the final step, wire the counter to the button (target value reached → deactivate button.)

Annnnnnnnnnd that’s all! I hope this guide was helpful. Happy gimkitting!


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Good guide! This will help a lot of players

Nice job!

Nice guide! It’s the little things that count.


You could also use triggers so that when button pressed -----> trigger, then just set max triggers to whatever you want. This might be easier.

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Yeah, but you cannot detect when the max triggers have hit, I don’t think. (Bump)

Counter ← trigger: cough cough

Yeah, but then the trigger is pretty pointless. Might as well not have it.

How are you going to update the counter then?

When button pressed → Increment counter.
When counter reaches target → Deactivate button

You just replaced the trigger with a button… It takes an extra wire as well.

What do you mean? We used a button in the first place? Did you read the guide?

I did read the guide. I just reread it to make sure I know what I’m discussing as well!

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Hello I’m attempt to use your guide but am struggling, this is for my among us mode, I want a button to open a door, then when a player walks over the trigger through the door, the door closes, but I want this system only to work once. Can you Help?

And if you are using channels, just make it deactivate on the channel it sends out.