How to make a building?

Basically what the title says. How do I make a building? I want it to be like a tower facing to the left.

there should be a building emoji or something I think.

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I kinda want it facing to the left. Mainly with props.

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wdym you mean to the right
is it like facing the right or have depth to the right
also is it top down or is it to the side or is it a mix of the two?

barrier art with shading. i’m not good with design though :frowning:

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Like I want the building to face the left.

It’s alright. :ok_hand:. I have to reply tomorrow. I’ll look at your suggestions later, guys. :v:

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I got smth like this
not sure if its waht yo want though

That might work. But, I’m kinda look for like this type of building like in New York or LA.

I want to it face the left.

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Barrier Art actually might be a good idea…Doing it right now.

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If you are open to using barriers, I should be able to help. Otherwise there’s not much I can do to help

Yeah, I’m trying to use barriers for this. I’m thinking of making a guide with it if I am successful.

all it is are barriers and more barriers just tinted darker. shading looks hard but it’s sup simple. and if you need try to use wooden poles to make an outline to give the building a 3D shape.

Uum, well I already have a guide on this, so it would kinda be weird to have to "how to make building guides.

I know you did, but I’m trying to make it face the left.

then shading is only required, start with the top, then the front side of the view. you should not be able to see and if the right/left sides of the buildings, so don’t worry about them.

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Great! Thanks, Wolf!

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Yeah, I’ll make you one, just give me 15 minutes.

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Alright, I had something to make the door look right, but then I tried something else and now I forgot how to do the thing I did before. (give me like 30 minutes)

I guess someone could make a resources guide for buildings, houses, e.c.t.
if there isn’t already.

and yea, best solution is using barrier art for what you want KrishnaVA :smiley: