How to Make a Bossfight. 🟨 4/10 Difficulty

I could not find anything on how to make a bossfight TUTORIAL, but I will show you my way.

Props and Looks

Make yourself a area to fight the boss in. Don’t make it too small or too big, just make it medium.
Decorate your area with props to make it look better. You can also have a theme and the props can match it to make it look good. Don’t put to much props because the player might get stuck on them.

Make sure to add some depth like i did with the stairs and the movie projector screen.
Now to make it realistic. For mine, I want to add a barrier on the very edge of the stairs so I can’t walk down it. I also added a hallway for some depth so your not just in a room. I added a barrier there too. Make sure there not visible in game.

Now that you have an area, time for the spawn and checkpoint.

Spawn and Checkpoints

There are two ways I can make this checkpoint work easy.

  1. Walk-in Zone
  2. Teleport
    Let’s start with the Walk-in Zone, so if you want to walk in to the boss fight this is what to do.
    Get 1 Zone, 1 Checkpoint, 1 Lifecycle, 1 Barrier.
    So when you walk into the room it activates the checkpoint and the barrier.
    Get the life cycle and the barrier. Make sure the lifecycle is started on game start and wire the lifecycle to the barrier “Lifecycle thing starts - Deactivate Barrier”
    Then place down the zone and wire the zone to the barrier “Enter zone - Activate Barrier”
    Then place down a checkpoint and wire the zone to the checkpoint “Enter zone - Set as active checkpoint”
    Screenshot 2024-04-10 8.03.46 PM
    But if you don’t want that, you can try the teleport one.
    Get 1 teleporter, 1 checkpoint.
    Get the teleporter and place down the checkpoint, and wire the teleporter to the checkpoint and make it say “Player teleported here - Set as active checkpoint”

Now you have that down, time to make the sentry.


You can make and edit the sentry anyway you want. You can change its appearance, heath, shield, weapon, fire rate, its respawn, aim accuracy, and if it drops a item. If you’re making a boss, you should make it have a good fire rate and accuracy with a good weapon or item too.

Now you can make some extra stuff.


Here’s some extra stuff to make it harder
Invisible barriers that turn on and off (Probably won’t make a guide on that)
Other Sentries

And that’s it! Hope you could make a good game!


Nice except:
More pictures

There’s this wiki

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It looks nice!

That one just gives you some ideas for it.

But, it’s just dry, nothing. Just a laser attack and debuff ability… atleast someone acknowledges it.

Wow, that’s a little rude for someone that spent an hour trying to help people.

I was just trying to make suggestions, no need to take is personally…


I was talking about the wiki.

But this is honestly just a good guide. I wasn’t tryna insult you, maybe you read it wrong, but I didn’t mean it like that.

Plus, I think there’s a fair amount of images.

I’m sorry, it just that i spend a LOT of time on gimkit but i basically bad at everything.

Hey, don’t discourage yourself
Its all about the positive talk

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Thanks, that helped.

Np happy to help I thought this guide was good :+1:


Eh. Same. I used to be bad at guides. Look at this first, simple guide

I made this. It’s basic. Very.

And now, look what I got! The ULTIMATE Guide To Blastball! ⚽

It looks much well more organized and looks neat!

All it takes is practice till perfect!

pretty neat guide!! its descriptive with a decent number of images and is overall well put together.

my one gripe is theres already quite a few guides about this topic. next time id suggest using the search tab and seeing if anybody has made any other guides like your idea before making it. gotta keep the forums nice and neat!!

overall though, good job. welcome to the world of making guides : )

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I did, i was looking for information about bosses and i couldn’t find one so i made one myself

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ohhh makes sense. thank you for that then!!

sometimes you have to press the 3 lines on the side of the search bar, and set it so youre only searching in the guides topic. then they actually appear lol

Woah… what happened here?

No clue. I have no idea.