How to Make a Bedwars Game: (Extremely Simple!)

I am creating a Bedwars game, and I’ve just added the mechanic that makes Bedwars…Bedwars! And I have looked up “How to Create Bedwars” 30,000 times, and there are like, 6 helps, and a CMG that’s CRAZY. This tutorial is how to create an extremely simple way to add a prop that makes a team Respawn as a spectator when broken. The con is you don’t immidietly become a spectator. That’s how this build is so simple. But bad things aside, lets get into this!

Number one, we have to place a Bed. All you have to do is enable Damage and the Bed Task is done

Then, place a relay, set the Relay Audience on specific team, and set the team to which team’s bed is getting broken

Next, create a little room pretty much saying that the player KO’d. Though, there are some requierments. A checkpoint, (Make it invisible) A button, and a team switcher. (Set it to specific team, and It’ll automaticly set it to spectators which is what we need.

This is my little room… The barriers are invis BTW.

Now, we do the wires.

First, Bed to Relay

Then, relay to checkpoint

And finally, button to team switcher

What this does is makes it so that when the bed is destroyed, that team’s new spawn point is in a room saying they KO’d with a button allowing them to spectate. I hope you enjoyed it! If something didn’t work, tell me in the comments so I can take a spin.

I hope this tutorial helps you for any types of bedwars game! Bye!


Sorry, but there are already many guides on bedwars. They can be found in bedwars .


They’re all helps. They wonder on how to create one

I cover that in the begining

The guides that already exist on bedwars [especially The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Bedwars] are more detailed and more helpful than yours is. To avoid having many guides on the same topic that could clutter the forums, we don’t create guides on topics that already exist.


Bruh. Just bruh. Wow, man

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Yay we’re not allowed to state facts and enforce rules anymore. I love these forums yay.



One definition of insanity:
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That’s fair I guess. Well, I certenly posted on how to make a bedwars game, I was just checking to see if anyone else did

I really can’t tell if you all are hate commenting me, or telling me the rules cuz I’m a new forum-er

that is the right thing to do, but how come you didn’t find it?
next time:

-try searching in a broader category

-word it differently

-only type in main words as not to limit results


Huh. I don’t know why I didn’t see any new ones.

I have a bedwars guide:


It dosn’t work for me. The lifecycle is on automaticly

Nah, we just want to make sure the forums aren’t very cluttered. Duplicate guides have been a BIG problem in the past. Just look at this lol:

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Ahhhh ok man ok man :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

But this guide is entirely unique

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What??? What’s that supposed to mean?

It means no one made this type of bedwars guide before!:smiley:

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