How to inflict damage to player when button pressed

Yeah how. Im not that good with devices and im new to gimkit creative

You can activate a laser, but there is no such thing as a negative health granter yet

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You can activate a laser or use Psuedo health

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Whats pseudo health mean???

This is sorta what you need.

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Psuedo health is fake health, it uses properties and blocks

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I knew it lol hehehehehe

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Honestly i think this is complicated so like i know that it contains a lot of wires so any other good guides?

Just search up pseudo-health

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Also i dont really know to make a lazer then make it disappear becuase of the button all i want is to press a button, it deals damage

Search it on what, Google?

Create a player-scoped property, Then on a checker with a loop, have this
if property < 1, broadcast on channel KO
For losing health, on a trigger have this
Set property Value(Property-1)
A Respawn will respawn player on KO

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Put a laser on that line and make it activate when button pressed and make it where the button is so when you press the button, you get hit.

No, the forums.

do you just mean damage or are you okay with making the player respawn

Just damage please i dont want kill

oh okay then I don’t really have anything to say here
if the others can’t help, then look it up in the search bar or something

Wait huh how do i do that

When you click on a trigger, you can create blocks

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Please reply @max1 because otherwise i have no idea