How To: Gun Game (🟨)

Noice guide This helped me in my map alot

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Np. The funny thing is this guide came out right before the new block code and this system could be massively improved from a memory standpoint. I have a few other guides on hand rn though (my main one is currently 8 pages and only 60% done :grimacing:)

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Thank you I also had to fix the code of the last trigger, because it tries to broadcast on a channel called “wround{number}” due to the unnecessary second create text with block.

Fixed code:

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Actually you want the round part back in there but you’ll want it to get the property (round + property knockouts +1) instead of just creating text

You were missing this:

If you don’t do that then you’ll get the same load out progression each time

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my similar guide
this one is epic though and pretty sure its finished too.

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Yeah it is but it only shows how to do the gun granting system.

The funny part is this came out just a bit before the new text blocks which would have made this way easier.

Cause the checking for duplicates is so much easier once you can search a string instead of using recursion to check every property

is there a way you could a gimkit gun look more realistic?

No. There is no way to permanently modify textures as of now. A mod could be in development but i do not know of it.

“In your game make it so players will broadcast on Grant Guns after the channel Guns Set is broadcast on and then you should be good to go.”
Could someone explain this part of the guide to me. Thanks, I’m just a little slow sometimes.