How To: Gun Game (🟨)

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The Guns Set channel is just something I put in there to ensure that you don’t accidentally try to give a player a gun even though the progression path of obtaining guns hasn’t been randomized yet.

This means you will want to broadcast on Grant Guns anytime after you receive Guns Set. If you want this to happen immediately you can just grab a relay that broadcasts to all players upon receiving on Guns Set or if you want to say set the Guns while the round is still going and then grant them later I would ignore it and just broadcast on Grant Guns once the round ends. (its verrrrryyy unlikely that it won’t load in during a short amount of time).

The reason I put this in here is that the way this randomization works is that it chooses from a list of possible numbers and then assigns a specific gun number that value. It could theoretically choose the same number infinitely even though it has already been used and never actually complete the randomization process. This is almost impossible however so as long as you give it some time to randomize it you should be good

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Ah thanks for the explanation.

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