How to end the game when there is only one team left?

can anyone tell me how to decrement a counter when a team ran out of players?


There are guides for this. Search it up here on the forums.

i alr did but only player counters showed up, and the channel names confuse me

You can modify this as you see fit for the situation.


oh ok be right back ill be testing that

You could also just search up team counters and look for one with a solution

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Yes, this is a good guide, I’ve used it before.

that guide does not work

brb i am going to try the unthinkable

I have an idea. So, use that one d3ath device, next to a team changer, into spectator, then have that channel also add one to a counter. However, it would be difficult to get the specific number of a team…

so you will need two counters.

starting val: 0
target val:0
visible in game: no
scope: team

starting value: (the amount of teams in the game)
target value: 0
visible in game: no
scope: global

lifecycle01: game start
relay: all players

I am going to guess that a team loses a player by that player getting knocked out. you can fix it to your needs but it I will assume it is being knocked out.

Lifecycle02: player knocked out

lifecycle01, relay: even occurs —> trigger relay
relay, counter01: relay triggered —> increment counter
counter01, counter02: target value reached —> decrement counter
lifecycle02, counter01: event occurs —> decrement counter


it would be noice if there was a “player leaves on specific team” event in the lifecycle

the team loses a player when

  1. The bed is destroyed
  2. They get knocked out

in that case:
instead of connecting the lifecycle (player knocked out) directly to the counter, add a trigger between it. when a player destroys their bed. connect that to a relay: “random player on specific team”
set that to the team that owns the bed. Now, connect the relay to the trigger to activate it.
make sure the trigger is TEAM scoped, and that it is deactivated on game start.

nvm it does tho it does have this wierd glitch that at the begining it shows the wrong number of people

nvm it works! kinda…
so the player counter works, but the team counter does not
i made it so when the player counter hits 0 it decrements a counter that starts at 4 (bc there is 4 teams) but the team counter is ALWAYS decrementing, so the game goes on forever, without hitting it’s target (1)

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okay lemme guess… imma try making it in a map

game starts trigger and than game starts run wire repeater with 1.0 second time and any team
(then 2nd step trigger[wire it to a wire repeater and wire repeated than trigger{than after wire pulse it relays[all players in specific team(team1) add another relay[all players on specific team {team 2} than another relay[all players on specific team {team 3} and than last relay

than create a counter starting value is 1 and target is zero{there will be 4 of them by counting different relays and than add another counter[starting value is 4 and no target] and the 4 counters connected to relay… if their target reached decrement the counter )

(then 2nd step wire repeater[2 second] {any team})( wire with all 4 counter connected to relay)
than when wire repeater task is over it decreamnets all four counter


[confusing text structure hehe and also that image does not shows everything]


wait wha-, shouldn’t it decrement tho? it starts at 4, and when the first counter’s target hits it decreases the second one. Also, could you elaborate on “always decrementing”

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what i mean by "always decrementing, is that it is always decrementing by 4 every 0.5 seconds!