How to Emulate a Tilted Barrier (🟦 or 1/10)

You are probably thinking right now,
Well, I haven’t.
At least I hope.
Anyways, you can’t tilt a barrier. Keep reading though.
You are thinking right now:
This is a troll, isn’t it?
Well, we can make a barrier look tilted.
You see, I was making a 3D alarm clock, and I wanted a slanted corner. I couldn’t tilt a barrier, and wanted a solid color corner. I thought about this for a while, and BAM I got an idea. For reference, here is the post:

I used text. You see, we can tilt text. So I tilted square emojis to create a… pseudo-barrier! (Joke, just joking about how many pseudo things we have made)
You could apply this to make tilted barriers, and if you need too, use multiple texts to make bigger barriers. Just put text and some objects for collision underneath.


Nice! I would recommend changing the title, as it’s a bit misleading, but other than that, nice job!


I corrected the title.

I also edited the title.

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how to edit a tilted title (:blue_square:)

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I added an n/10 difficulty rating to the title.

ok now I don’t need any more edits.


Nice guide you got here. :slight_smile:


Nice job!

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Question. What do we do with this guide, now that we can ACTUALLY tilt barriers?

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Idk. Maybe make a tag for obsolete guides? I mean, memories…

then what do we do about the bbsi tag that’s also being used for sentry interactions?

Just keep it. Still serves as an alternative.


Maybe for making an 8-bit style where there are no smooth diagonal lines.

I know, right? It’s crazy.

Maybe one day, it’ll be removed, like bbsi.

Why would they add in a feature just to remove it? Sentry interactions was a bug that nobody noticed that was in the game since May.

Yeah, true. I don’t know, maybe there’ll be an even better version of a barrier or something some day.

(trying to not be wrong)


The abilty to rotate barriers was just added, this makes the guide, sadly,


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no it isn’t, useful from historical perspective

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