How to do u create game "Time Survived" like in Snowy Survival?

How do I make a Time survived on a score board?

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In settings, go to map options, then scroll down, and click countdown for the time and make as much time as you want.

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Similar topic, read this topic’s replies:

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Thanks, that was very helpful.

Thanks You. Very Helpful Info.

Could be more detail about it like adding some pics

There are some pictures if you look at the topic.

It says it is private or not available.

Try using this!

No, for a score. Like for the Leaderboard.

Oh hmm. Maybe make the guide above but also have it update a property. Then, you can use the property for the leaderboard. That should work. Maybe?

Let Me try something

Welcome to the forum, @KingJames! You may want to read new-user-must-read or beginner-must-read . Anyway, just go into settings and go into the options for leaderboard and click it “Time of survival”

Can U give a visual of that/

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I don’t think there’s an option for that.

Just make the players earn an item every second and set the leaderboard to amount of items.

I guess that would work.


Do you know how to do that? Mark a solution if you don’t need me to explain!