How to create a Bounty

I would like to be able to make it so that you can have a target against other players and get granted something when you eliminate them.

You would have to use a property, way point, and item granter.

Use a button, and wire it to a relay. Make the relay do it to someone random. After, make it so the relay triggers the waypoint and make the location player and activate when receiving the relays channel.

Next, make the relay trigger a trigger.

Next, make a property that is on a player scope. Make it’s type true or false. Make sure it starts off as false.

Next, remember the relay that triggered the trigger? Add block code to it to turn the property True. Then, make it so that if it activates a knock out manager. Make it listen to a player.

Then, make it so if someone gets a knockout, check the player if that player gets eliminated. If it’s true, then turn the property false and give the player the item.

Phew, that’s a lot of work… you might have to ask someone for pictures because I’m not the best at them, and also, disclaimer, this might not work.


Welcome to the community! To set the target, you have make a random player relay. Make that reset a counter that edits a player-scoped number property. The counter’s default should be 1. Make the relay also set a waypoint on that player. Now, place a KO manager. If the knocked out player’s property (mentioned before) is 1, then set the property, as the knocked player, to 0. Also broadcast on the channel to grant the reward.

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Yeah, Getrithekd did it wayyy better and shorter with ease, even a easier method :skull:

It might be shorter just because it has no spaces. Some things I noticed with your method:

  1. You used blocks to set a property.
    It’s preferable to use a counter to set a property to save memory. You just have to reset the counter and the property sets.
  2. Scope Stuff

This should be right. Just check your words for the scope because…

After that, I think that it should work! We’re all learning, and I’ve done a bunch of stuff to get to this place. I hope you find this helpful.

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Ok! Thanks. Just wanted to confirm.

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Thanks for telling me

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