How to check if someone is outside a zone?

So yeah, how can I make it so that it’ll check if someone is outside a zone, and then do something?

You just start your task when they leave the zone.

[and end it when they reenter]

Do they start in the zone? Otherwise they have to enter the zone to go outside.

But like what if they’re already outside the zone when the zone is activated?

They start in the zone, but it gets deactivated and a smaller one activates to shrink the zone.

Oh! That thing. You could have another zone around the entire map, and then run checks to see if they are in both zones. If not, they must be outside the first zone.

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But like how can I check if they are outside the zone?

Let me think. If we can just check if they are inside of the zone, than it’s possible.

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Ok i’ll let you think.

I have an idea! What if all of the zones are active, but we can tell if they are in the desired zone by updating a property when they enter or leave a zone! That way, the computer knows the area that they’re in!

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I’m not sure if that’d work… Because I’m trying to make it damage you if you are utside the zone.

It would work. We just use a constant check to see what the property is. Also, how would you get damaged?

You could try making it damage you by default, then turn off the damager when the player enters the zone, and turn it back on if they leave.

Pseudo-Health. I’ll try it soon.

Ok! It should work with Psuedo-Health, so good luck!

You wanting for like when they leave the zone?

What is Psuedo-Health?

It has to do with properties that fake a health thing so then you die from like a placebo effect

If it uses properties, doesn’t fit into the thinner category of PPs? Or is that something else?