How to change your respawn point

How do you change a respawn point besides the beginning of the game? Can you even do that?

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You can do that with spawn pads, I think. You can set it to pre-game, so that’s where you spawn before starting the game if published or when you load in to edit. I’m not sure otherwise.

Ok, but I need to know if you can have a “Respawn pad” as apposed to the spawn pad when you start the game @Xa67

Spawn pads makes your life easier. You can set them so people can spawn in pre-game, or game. Just click on it and you can set it to which spawn phase you can use.

Are you asking about how to make checkpoints, like the ones set up in One Way Out?

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So you’re asking for check points basically. This should explain it.

get a lifecycle and a teleporter. wire them together with the settings> player knocked out> teleport player here. where you place the teleporter is where you will respawn

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Use respawn pads

Or in normal spawn pads you can choose when to use them.

*Me realizing this is from May 25 *

@SlimArtist20375 Try using this Respawning at a different place than you spawned (🟦)

@Vortex-Mist that link is a guide i made after i read this post lol

@Here_to_help Oh lol

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