How to Build a Bird's Eye view of a Tank

this is my first post so yippee!

make 3 barriers on each side color them however

put however many metal signs you need on top

color however you want and have fun!


This isn’t a guide. Please elaborate on how to do this. Short guides often get flagged.

you should explain how to do it otherwise it’ll get flagged for being a showcase but it’s still cool

Nice. You should add the steps, or else you’ll get flagged.

oops sorry i make it a guide

Nice! Maybe try putting this in something like 3d art library or Cool Ways to use props?

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Do a Format somewhat like this:
Finshed Product:
Step 1
Step 2

Nice guide, though

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Short guides like this often get flagged. I suggest adding steps.


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This looks good!

Nice tank. :+1: Welcome to the forum as well.

Welcome to the forums @TheKnightInRustyAmr!

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only a month late

Bump, This was short but still a pretty cool guide

Neat guide

this was pretty short but Nice guide