How many players are in a zone

So I am making a cops and robbers game and I need to know how to track how many players are in a zone (prison) and make that number show up as a game overlay. Also I need it to change the number down to a zero when they all leave during a jailbreak. is this possible? If so how.

and can pls people search up stuff before posting?! (hope that doesn’t sound rude)

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Thank you but neither of these are really what I am looking for (I had already read one of them and scanned through the next) is there any way to make a game overlay that track the amount of players in a zone?

Zone → Counter (player enters zone, increment counter)
Zone → Counter (player leaves zone, decrement counter)

Use both wires and channels

Make the counter have a property. Inside the overlay’s blocks, add *Create Text with: Players in Prison: ____ (property name)

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Thank you! ( four days have I been searching for the answer to this)

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well you would need a counter if you want a basic one so if person goes in zone counter updates

well game overlay is something I think you can ask @GimSolver since if I remember he asked the same question

like this?

Yes, perfect!

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