How do you make the thing where you click enter and you can read?for example the ship log from one way out

Idk how to make the thing where once you press a button you can read stuff
here’s an example of what i mean:
When you are in one way out and you can “read ship log” and it pops up text

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Popup) Open Popup

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Thanks these helped me a lot but whenever i click the button to get out it just pops up again :frowning: :confused:

Hello, welcome to the forum! What button are you referring to when you want to close the pop up?

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So, When you click enter the pop up appears, then there is a button that says exit and once I click it the pop up just comes back up

The exit button is a button on the pop up right?

It’s called the " Call to action"

Yep. You don’t need to connect it to the pop up to close it. Did you do anything with that button?

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Ok wait i messed it up and now i cant even open it :frowning:

invisible button(read ship log?)
wired to popup/game overlay(i cant remember which)
it says ship log and stuff
thats it
you click out of it to get out

Yes i have the invisible button and it is wired to the pop up and i have typed the words and stuff but now idk what I did but whenever i got to the invisible button in game i click enter for 1 second and then the pop up doesn’t “pop up”

is it wired right
button pressed open popup?

Alr I fixed it and now it pops up but i went through all the settings and I saw one that said that players can close the pop up and i clicked yes and I still can’t close it

click outside of it
like don’t press the popup part
or put a call to action with close
channel “close ship log [insert number or whatever]”
then like a trigger or something
and wire it to popup
with like close popup

Yes I did that and It’s still there

@TSwizzlelover What is the call to action button set to do?

did you try this
I edited it

So am making a cafe and the pop up shows the available tables
ex: Table 1 ( Table for 2 )
And the button says Book a reservation and it is set to close the pop up when it is clicked