How do you make the thing where you click enter and you can read?for example the ship log from one way out

Make a channel that broadcasts when that call to action is clicked, then plug that channel into the “Close Popup When Receiving On” setting.

Alr I’m testing it out again right now

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I see how you are confused, it’s quite simple to do.

first, you place a button that has whatever message you want

next, you place a popup and wire the button to the popup so it opens when the button is pressed

this user hasn’t posted since january. I doubt they’ll respond. please don’t necropost old help topics.

Yes. Don’t bump random help topics that were five months ago. (@BendyTheInkDemon last words…)

oh, sorry :sweat_smile: I didn’t see the date this was posted. I’ll be sure to remember

thx for pointing that out @Coolcaden26 & @KrishnaVA