How do you make the lasers turn on and off?

Yes, I don’t know how to turn the lasers on and off.

You have a repeating function. You can use this guide.

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I tried this but it doesn’t work I guess I don’t understand how to do it?
or I made a mistake?

You have laser beam managers?

no i don’t have that one
i didn’t use that one used this On and off lasers made easy

Laser beam managers turn sets of lasers on and off when something occurs on the set channel.

can you tell me how to do it please

Set some lasers in group “1” and do a laser beam manager. Activate on “on1” and deactivate on “off1”. Make triggers that have these channels, @AhmetT.

It looks a bit complicated, I never use triggers. Can you recommend me a guide to this?

Here’s one:

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Yes, I looked at that, but it is done with the button.

The button is useful too. Is a button a problem?

I would like it to flash automatically when the game starts, like the lasers in Don’t Look Down.

Use repeaters that alternate and turn on and off the laser beam managers.

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* cough * * cough *


I know, but I’m thinking simple, not memory efficient. lol.

Oops! Yes, this is too much. My memory map has 81% memory. Is there another way to do this?

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I’m not experienced with that kinda stuff. I’m kinda mid on here. lol.

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ok ok thank you for everything I hope I can find a solution to this

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@AhmetT I’ll try to help you once i get home :smile: