How do you make team doors

So when I tried to make team doors, it didn’t show for your team

did u try to search for a solution?

Yeah but I can’t find how to fix it

sum to relate to doors

like how to use em yk

i feel stupid asking these :joy:

Make different teams, and make every barrier team scoped.
That means only the triggering team unlocks the door, and the other team doesn’t unless they open the door. :smirk: Useful how scope is…

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This the third map I have ever made so this is kinda new to me

No, it’s not allowed, and neither are game links.
Do you need help with creating teams, also?

I mean this barrier taking a long time sooo

Tell you what, I can help, but you’ll have to go on the WIX.

What is a wix I am new to this

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i got ya pal i give ye the link


theres alternitves to wix like canva, padlet, and google docs these work best for people who have school accounts w/restrictions if it dosen’t work @Bred

You can do an invisible button, if they press it then check if they are the required team this can be done in at least 3 ways. One (this is all an example) if there are 2 teams red and blue, then give team red red key, same for team blue (blue keys) when button pressed hook it to a checker, if true open the barrier. Or you can do a wire repeater and make it check for a specific team. If you want to get more advanced then use a zone, that triggers, and hooks up to a wire repeater.

when i tried it, it looks fine to me?