How do you make every player's score based on their time alive?

I’m trying to create a game similar to Snowy Survival in which players are scored based on their time alive. I want each player’s score to start increasing at the same time, but individually stop when they die.

Key Questions:
-How do you attach each player to their respective property?
-How do you transform each player’s property into their respective score?


Property, and i don’t know the rest ;-;

1: Place a property device and type in the name of the property. Set the property scope to player. (Also make sure to set the property to a number property so it can show up on the leaderboard.) That is basically your property’s settings.

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2: In the settings, click on map options, click on score then set the score type to property. Type in the property’s name. Make sure the score counts for players individually

Do you know to make a timer with a counter?

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Yes, the timer was the only thing I could figure out, but you just solved the rest of the things! Thank you so very much! I have seen that you help a lot of people on here.


Oh woops, I didn’t know that I was supposed to highlight the solution. I just now checked back and found that.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for helping literally everyone here. I have finished my map and you are the one who gave me advice on how to make it.


This is… This is the very best help post I’ve ever seen!


He says what he’s trying to make, what mechanic he needs help on, and simple questions that help the helpers find a solution, like you did in the comments. It’s short and concise, the grammar is excellent, AND as icing on the cake, he said thank you!


Now that I think of it…you’re right. I haven’t seen a lot of help posts where I never needed to ask further questions and know exactly what to answer in my history of helping.


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how do you do the timer thingy

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