How do you make decreasing health

You could have a player be teleported into a laser to do a set amount of damage

Also, the AI might be offline rn

then you should make the laser invisible.

Yeah but what difference will it make

if your playing this game and you teleport into a laser and you loose health it’s not the same as just loosing health

To automatically make a player lose health after a certain amount of time in Gimkit, you can leverage the Laser Beam and Lifecycle devices in combination with a Trigger. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Laser Beam: You can set up an invisible Laser Beam that deals damage to the player. Properties to configure would include Laser Beam Damage (how much health to subtract each time) and Laser Beam Orientation (usually to cover the area where the player is expected to be).

  2. Lifecycle: This device is used to initialize the Laser Beam after a certain delay when the game starts. The Lifecycle Event would be the game start, and the Event Action would be to activate the Laser Beam after a certain delay.

  3. Trigger: This device is necessary to activate the Laser Beam based on the Lifecycle event. The Trigger Conditions should be set to detect the lifecycle event (game start), and the Triggered Events should be set to activate the Laser Beam after a delay.

Remember, to make the Laser Beam invisible, you may need to tweak the visibility settings depending on the options available in Gimkit. The result of this setup is that the player will start losing health after a specified delay from the start of the game, simulating the effect of automatic health loss over time.

However, please be aware that these instructions are general advice, and the specifics might change based on the actual options and mechanics provided by Gimkit. Always refer to the latest version of the game and its official documentation for accurate information.


@Pickle-Person told you it should be invisible

Yes but this had a different idea of it being across the whole map and not a teleported place :roll_eyes:

yeah i was kinda hoping that it would take away health anywhere across the map.

Yeah I just didn’t think of that what you could do is have invisible lasers all across the map and all activate with one channel that is sent by a trigger which is triggered at the start of the game but has a delay of however long you want it

you were the one who said to use teleporters :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

I was just trying to add upon my ideas and make better suggestions, also can you please chill you have always have something bad to say about my post instead of giving constructive feedback


I’m sorry

It’s okay I just needed to get that off my back I don’t want to be rude

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Can you do something like this with a zone

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You could use a pesudo health bar to make it compatible with zones, but it wouldn’t be compatible with sentry damage. However, you COULD if you wanted to add in both types, and make sentry damage “Physical Damage” and the pesudo health bar “Spiritual/Magical Damage”


The correct answer, at least until someone finds an even better solution.

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How do you make a counter/property change based on how much damage was done to a sentry? I’m trying to make a boss battle, but have a text saying how much health the boss has left. Please help. I’ve been searching this topic for 3 1/2 weeks!


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Unfortunately, you cannot track how much damage was done to a sentry unless you linked up a whole bunch of sentries on top of each other and used the knockout data to detect how much damage was done, but even this method would have its limits.


That’s not good.
Thanks for letting me know!

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