How do i make the lava in floor is lava

all the other topics didnt help me with what specefic thing i need i want the lava to only do a certain amount of damage when ur in it

Couldn’t you just have a Laser mark where the lava is, and then you could set the Laser to do a specific amount of damage?

no cause it would only inflict damage when u hit it i want it to inflict damage whenever wherever you are in the lava

There aren’t a lot of damaging devices inside of GC, especially since you can’t do negative health on a health granter. Well, the only other thing you could do is line up lasers across the entirety of the lava, but that’s incredibly inefficient memory usage. There’s not many other options, though.

I’ll try to find a solution…

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e me a guide to a storm like in fortnite but it didint help

A Damage Over Time effect like Austin_Texas is explaining could be very useful for me, so I’d appreciate it if you find something good.

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this is what i found

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is this it? or is it something else

It looks pretty good, but if you want it to cover a lot of space, you’d need many long lasers. Still, thanks!

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