How do you make a timer go up with colons like 5:00 5:01?

I need it for my mega guide…

That’s it!

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Im pretty sure i tried it…it counts down i need clock up from 12:00 -1:00-2:00,etc. till 6:00

change the target to the high number and make it go up by 1 or something like that

Unless, of course, you just want a timer going up for the whole game, like 1wo, which can be done using the game options.
[Go to the settings in bottom right, then game options, then scroll to timer mode, then count up.]

Like could you show picture im having trouble processing and helping a million people right now.

I haven’t built the system. I just know the theory behind it.

ok thanks ill try it tommarow its getting late

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should i mark solution or wait till i test it?

Wait until it is tested.

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K thanks for helping!

De nada.

i just wish more people responded like so many for others so little for me…

Is that your welcome in spanish?

Pretty sure…im tired so hard to remember

Nobady has more ideas?


Did you mean target in the guide you posted? If so I already tried that it did nothing.

“De nada” is “you’re welcome” in spanish. Let’s get on-topic.

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