How do you make a sentry friendly?

no, they can’t be on your team at the beginning. only when you’re carrying a certain item.

they can

ok!ill try!ill be back soon!

not that either, the sentry is sort of like a bodyguard to the entrance and the sentry will not attack only if you have a certain item (for verification).

ill show you

Okay so place two sentries, a button and a checker.

Make one on your team and one that is not on your team.
The sentry that’s on your team is inactive on game start

Wire the Button to a Checker.

Button Pressed > Run Check

Wire the Checker to the Sentries.

Check Passes > Deactivate Sentry Not on your team

Check Passes > Activate Sentry On Your Team

Did it work, @GimSolver?

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imma try that, thanks!

that was my idea lol

how do I make it visible and invisible?

Set “Active On Game Start” to no.

Go to the “All Options” tab (scroll in the setting tabs) and go to the very bottom.

i knew that but I just couldn’t find it, my bad.

@Edwards , I appreciate the help but that’s not what I’m looking for.

Is this what you’re looking for?

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what do you need this makes it so the sentry your team

know all this, I’m just confused how the checker works.

ill show you

The checker can check for an item or property if it is greater than, less than or equal to to your set number.

what length of distance does it check and does it check your inventory?

Make it on the same team at you