How do you make a sentry friendly?

I know how to make a sentry not attack but I don’t know how to make it be with you and suddenly be your friend and attack other people (not you) when you do a certain action to help it.

not to be rude…but i dont think you can

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can you make the sentry not attack someone if they are carrying a certain item?

i think you want me to try?ill help if you need it.

yes, please try and help.

you switch the team in the settings team sentry > team ?

Place a checker and barriers.
Make the barrier cover the sentry.

Wire the checker to activate the barriers.

Check Passes > Activate Barrier

PS: You need something to run the check.
The barrier must be inactive on game start.

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no, they can’t be on your team at the beginning. only when you’re carrying a certain item.

they can

ok!ill try!ill be back soon!

not that either, the sentry is sort of like a bodyguard to the entrance and the sentry will not attack only if you have a certain item (for verification).

ill show you

Okay so place two sentries, a button and a checker.

Make one on your team and one that is not on your team.
The sentry that’s on your team is inactive on game start

Wire the Button to a Checker.

Button Pressed > Run Check

Wire the Checker to the Sentries.

Check Passes > Deactivate Sentry Not on your team

Check Passes > Activate Sentry On Your Team

Did it work, @GimSolver?

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imma try that, thanks!

that was my idea lol

how do I make it visible and invisible?

Set “Active On Game Start” to no.

Go to the “All Options” tab (scroll in the setting tabs) and go to the very bottom.

i knew that but I just couldn’t find it, my bad.

@Edwards , I appreciate the help but that’s not what I’m looking for.