How do you make a HIRABLE sentry that attacks for you that is on your team. In addition, how could you make it so the sentry would follow you when hired?

I need this for my battle royale game. Please be as clear as possible, Thanks!

You can’t make it follow you, sadly.

It is very hard for a sentry to follow you when hired without making a very… tedious and complex system.

However, you can set a sentry to a certain team (like team 1) to make it attack other players except the players on your team! Hope this helped, and if it did, mark a solution!

do you happen to know how it can be hired?

Currently, you cannot make sentries follow players. You could use these guides to do other things.


Set it to your team. It will attack players not on your team.

@ClicClac Wingwave did it already, I guess.

only have it activate when it receives on a channel connected to a vending machine

By the way, tags like battle royale and among us are for guides.

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Do you know how to make the sentry switch to the Player’s team when hired?

You could probably just switch the players team

good to know, sorry about that

Button pressed (which hires it) → Deactivate Sentry.

Put another sentry in it’s place, with the team you want to hire.

Button pressed (which hires it) → Activate Sentry.

The second sentry should be deactivated on game start.

You would need two sentries. On hire, deactivate the hostile one, and activate the friendly one.

I appreciate the help!

That’s what I was going to say

But, I think it is impossible to make it follow you. I don’t know.

You can with a coordinate system, but that would not be precise enough. And it would take up heaps of memory.

Yeah. It would teleport, but it wouldn’t have enough accuracy, really.

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You can, of course, hire it still.