How do you make a button for voting at the bottom of the screen for my mafia game

ive tried to make it like amongus, but is doesnt work
help plz🥺

Welcome to the forums, @thisguy !

Did you follow all the steps?

hey @thisguy, welcome to the forums! read the tos and faq if u haven’t already

and if you’re looking for things related to among us, try the among-us tag or maybe these guides

welcome to the forums @thisguy !
I hope you find LOTS of useful stuff in the forums!
If you need any help, you can always ping me (I am on from monday-friday (if there is school that day))

To make a button on the bottom of your screen, use an overlay,
then the overlay can teleport you to a voting area.
I have never played amongus, so i might be mistaken for what you want

how do you edit the overlay??

You just click it…

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