How do you make a bounty system?

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Wait a second, why am I using a randomizer again? I thought I wanted it to be when you kill 3 people, it shows on everyone’s scree to kill you for a reward.

In one of your posts, you said something about randomizer blockcode

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To do that, all you have to do is
get a knockout manager and track player kills. Have it transmit on channel “Increment” or whatever when target knocked out.
Then get a counter, and set it to increment when receiving on “Increment” or whatever the channel is named. Also set the target number to 3, and wire it to a game overlay “Target number achieved → activate overlay” or something like that

hold on i’m going to do a bit of research and finish in just a second

overlay stuff (probably done)

Okay so if you want the game overlay to show the player’s name, just
wire a counter to a trigger with “target value achieved → trigger trigger”
Open blocks and do this
How do i get a player name - #6 by NavyCatZ
By the way you need to create the “(insert property here)” property device.
And now for the actual overlay: follow this guide
How to make a Kill / Death counter (Difficulty: 🟨)
BUT you only have to do it with one property, which is the “insert property here” I mentioned a few lines above.
Also for the blocks, you only need this V

but instead of the swords just put something like “Bounty on:”
and for the Get Property thing put the “insert property here” property i mentioned before.

ok and now for the actual bounty
I’m actually kind of stumped I don’t know how to track a specific player’s death


what about the bounty itself?

Wait so what rewards does the bounty give?

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I haven’t figured that out yet. I need to know what the trigger does tho. @PotionMaster

@PotionMaster R U there?

I finished the trigger section but don’t know how to track when player dies

No need to track a dead person. Just track the killer until they get manslaughtered for a reward. :imp:

Also don’t know how to do that oof
closest thing I can think of is having the player drop an item on death there might be a guide or two on that

I can live with that, as long as only the bounty drops it.

Make the same amount of properties for players as max players you plan to have play it at a time and have when player knocked out by someone else update it and when it is updated 3 times the counter will reach it’s target and create the bounty for triple killing player. and there you have a tracking kills function (i can screen shot it all if it will help)

Well I mean I got all that down already but what we need here now is a way to track the player who killed the bounty person

I don’t need that tracked. They just live their lives happily.

if player has bounty grant him something like cash or something and have if player knocks out someone else check for item if check passes grant item/reward. also afterwards you should make a guide like this it would be better than other guide for bounties
honestly i’m surprised blizzy has not already made one i mean look here for why…

@PotionMaster do you have a verdict?

Unfortunately no

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