How do you make a bounty system?

Are you making a one-piece game? If so I’m a fan, but anyways, you can probably use a counter and maybe use a grid in the areas where there will be enemies then you can make it so there is either a knockout or team switcher there. Is this what you wanted? If it is I can expand on it a bit more.

Could you? After all, this is a Help not a Community Made Guides.

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I’m making a Battle Royale but with bounties, like in Fortnite expect it’s after 3 kills, not just at random.

just make it a lifecycle(game start) instead of a button

game start? you mean after 3 kills?

What? I thought you wanted… nvm. Maybe hook it up to a kill counter and detect when they hit three, they become the bounty…

yeah… me too, I though so

Please give me instructions.

use the kill counter guide make the counter limit three and hook that up to the bounty guide

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs —> (Counter) Increment Counter

(Counter) Target Value Reached —> (Trigger) Trigger

That’ll trigger the trigger therefore running the randomizer blockcode.

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how do you do that?

@Haiasi literally just told you…


the randomizer blockcode, sheesh.

Search up a randomizer guide

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Umm… It tells me to use blocks in the repeater but that’s Gimpossible.

Just connect a repeater to an item granter or notification or something and work fom there

Arent you able to use waypoints? (all on a different channel)

That’s really helpful…

Waypoints wouldn’t really do anything in this context right?