How do you make a barrier that you buy and then it goes away like in one way out?

I just created “Mr Baker and the Robot Overlords” With my crew, DaBwoDude and ShuiWikiBob, and it was supposed to be harder then one way out, but when me and my mother played it, IT WAS SO EASY. So, I wanna make it a LOT harder. So how do you make those barriers that close when you buy them? I already kinda know, but the the thing that says “Buy this” stays even after I buy it. And I know thats what it’s supposed to do, but it is a problem. PLEASE HELP ME AND MY GAME.

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that makes walls appear

but close

the basic system is the same: a hidden vending machine that takes keycards and is wired to a barrier that it hidese

You can make a vending machine that sends a channel that removes a barrier.

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Put a barrier then a vending machine. Wire the Vending machine to the barrier. When item purchased > Deactivate barrier. Then add a wire repeater. Wire the vending machine to the wire repeater then back. When item purchased > Wire pulse. When wire pulse > Deactivate vending machine.

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