How to open doors with keycards?

I made my own map with a little help from someone who equally did not know what has happening. and came up with the idea of hidden rooms made that but made it so someone could buy key cards all’s good but now I cant make a door to use the key cards on.


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get an invisible vending machine, link it up to a barrier

make the vending machine grant the keycard if bought

and there you go!

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I have the keycard propblem solved just need a door


Use a barrier (prop) or (device)

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this might help you

this too

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It is actually really simple. What you need is a Barrier (Or a big enough prop to be a good barrier) x1. You will also need a vending machine x1, and a prop like the gate console, but that one is optional. First, you will place down your vending machine. And make the settings like how much it costs, BUT DO NOT make it give you anything when you buy it. Then, scroll down to visible-in-game,and make it say no. Then, go to avalibility, and in deactivate on purchase, say YES. Then place your barrier, and wire the vending machine with it, so when the “item” (Not really) is purchased, the barrier deactivates. Then, if you want, place the gate console on top of the vending machine, but before that, wire them together so that when the "item’ is purchased, the gate console is hidden just like the barrier

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Nice job! The thing is that this post was from 3 months ago. It’s resolved by now. Also, if other people have already posted solutions, more are unnecessary.

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