How do you make a barrier apply to only 1 team?

it won’t work for me.

Use the scope Feature.

how? do you use the scope Feature?

It’s in the settings.
Or use a relay?

It’s the thing that says scope. Have a trigger at each spawn point that deactivates the barriers. Make sure the barrier is set to team and it should work.

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well I am making a five nights at freddy’s map but I want the night guard not to run out of the office but the animatronics to come in. I already have teams worked out.

Well make it so no one can get in unless the power goes out

hold on… let me try where is scope I looked under settings

yes the night guard can open and close the doors until the power goes out but they can open the door and walk out.

Well make it so he can only stay in one spot with buttons on screen to check cameras and whatever

I forgot the name of the device

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