How do make a rideable boat on water?

I want to make a rideable boat for a map. This boat has to be able to take a player across a body of water smoothly and that the player cant get off in the middle of the trip. (I want it so you can ride it back and forth.) How in the world would I do this?

You would have to use a coordinate grid

Make the zones activate a boat prop when a player goes into them and vice versa when a player goes out. Make sure the boat doesn’t have collision. Though overall, it would take a lot of memory and patience so I advise against doing it unless it’s the central part of the game.

I am not sure how to get the boat to move, but you could change the terrain around the path of the boat to wall so they cannot get off during the journey.

It’s not smooth, but you can trywith the boat prop How to make a rideable skateboard! 1/10

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You need to use a bunch of triggers, zones, and teleporters to make the animation. Its a bit buggy though. You can use this tutorial:Here
You can modify it to be a boat on water. Thats what I did.

Does it work?