How do I work the blocks?

I’m not really a programmer or anything like that, but how do the blocks work? I’ve been at this for quite some time now.

They basically run code. You should use this guide to understand more:

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Blocks are very useful! They are espcially great when working with properties. If you don’t know what properties are, check this:

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Welcome to the community! Also I am not so sure how to work the blocks…

Part of the reason I made this topic, is not only to get help but also to help others, and I’m not saying it to be rude

Good to hear! Any help is useful! The best way to help others is to wait for questions to pop up then answer them. Or, you could give feedback on guides by participating in their polls or liking them.

If nothing pops up, don’t foget you can always check out unresolved posts too!

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