How do I use a Checker

I don’t know how to use a checker correctly because there is no renaming device.

It isn’t really used for renaming, it’s for checking for a condition.
Use this guide to get all the Info: A complete guide on checkers

The checker is a device that can check conditions like an amount of an item a player has or a value of a property.
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yes but I dont know how to do the setting “Value of Property”

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You need to place down a property, a separate device, for that. If you don’t want to deal with properties, you can use items to do the exact same thing!

I dont know how this works

Make sure your property is a number.

If your property is at a certain value, equal to, less than or greater than, the checker can trigger an event.

You have to place down a property from the blocks menu and name it “1” for it to work.

Firstly, do you know what properties are? If not, check this

Following what @NavyCatZ made,
In short, Properties are global variables that a device can receive either through a counter or the Blocks section.

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Or this:

Thankyou I didnt know about this. I also checked some examples and figured out how they work thank you all

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