I need some prop ideas!

I plan to create an epic escape room adventure, but I need your help! I’m brainstorming what kind of thrilling props I should use to make it challenging and exciting for the players. Also, I’m unsure about how many rooms I should create to make it a truly immersive experience. Do you think I should make it all hard or throw in some easy challenges to help the players build confidence before facing the ultimate challenge?

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Any chance you checked the forums before posting?

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What is the theme of the game?
That might help with prop ideas.

This guide might help.

I suggest making the levels scale in difficulty (easy to hard) as to the player’s strength or if you have a difficulty selector so players can prepare for the final challenge.

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If it’s okay to ask, @Zaraxion why where you suspended/banned?
If you did something wrong I wouldn’t suggest making an alt account because it could result in a bigger punishment.
(Or were you permabanned?)
(Similar question as @Magenta_Dragon)

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Thanks guys! I’ve been on the forums for a long time and have already checked those guides… but maybe it’s time to check them again!


Did you have another account?? Or did you just look at the forum? Sorry for being off-topic Im just curious.

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Uh yeah, yesterday I did. I deleted it bc it was temporarily suspended for me posting before i was TL1… I think

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Alright, I’m gonna go, but I’ll be available tmr

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Oof. Bye!

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I did nothing wrong, i tried replying as TL0 and with no replies used
and i got temporarily banned, and with the mods, i messaged them…

off topic, but haiasi, why do keep liking every post?

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There is a reply and posting limit on your first day. Are you sure you didn’t use it?

Haiasi I think is trying to get a badge.


No, I hadn’t even replied to anything, and I got suspended…

Off topic, but I don’t have any more replies lol so I can’t reply anymore

Weird but I don’t think that’ll happen again. Now lets get back on topic! :+1:

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