How do I put the score type as like a seconds survived for my map

It is for my platformer map fyi

create a counter timer with the counter tracking the property. set the property as the score. make sure it’s player scoped.

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'sup nature. sorry for leaving the padlet. both property and counter are set to default value of 0

did not work

Have a lifecycle, ko manager, counter, and a repeater. Have the repeater repeat every second. Now, wire it so that when the repeater repeats, the counter increments. The repeater should start on game start via the lifecycle device. When a person gets knocked out, broadcast a message that is received by the repeater to stop repeating. Now, go into your counter and make it update a property. Lastly, go to the game settings in the ‘score’ tab and make that property be your score. If you need pictures to better understand, just ask me!